PV-Consultancy has been engaged in a number of international projects with a view to apply for funds, identify partner institutions, negotiate on behalf of the partners and draft the co-operation agreements.

Among relevant EU-Programmes are EDRUS 9508 (Capacity Building in Management Training, Research and Consultancy at Archangelsk Technical University and Petrozavodsk State University), FINUK 9802 (Ukraine Accounting Reform for Enterprises) and LI 9610 (Technical Assistance to the Modernisation of Lithuanian Commercial Laws).

PV-Consultancy held the position as Country Manager for Denmark within the "Managers’ Training Programme" I og II, and arranged for company visits and internships for more than one hundred managers from Russia, Ukraine, other NIS-Countries and Mongolia.

Within the educational sector, PV-Consultancy was the first to lecture International Business Law in English to classes in Danish Business Colleges, as well as to classes in Tallinn, Vilnius and Shanghai.